Expanding nationally and internationally are a tried and tested growth tactic for many businesses, especially for the media.  The internet has made it realistic for pretty much any company to sell products or services in overseas territories.

Yet, despite the low barriers to entry into new markets, there's one common mistake that's often made: failing to localize content.

That said, many media companies are still struggling with the concept and content of localization, with commonly asked questions including "Should we translate the whole content?" "Should we hire native copywriters, journalists, stuff and etc?" and "How do we measure the content’s success?"

Newyox has the solution and answers all these questions.  NewYox has the way and idea of localizing the content of Magazine and Newspapers. 

It’s as easy as counting 1,2,3…

Our state-of-art work enables media (newspaper, magazine, online) to be localized in seconds.  We accept media by invitation.  Contact us at or +44 (0) 7938 478420 (whatsup only) to learn how newyox localizes the media and get your free submission code.